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Exotic Nature has an array of both Fragrance and Essential Oils to choose from.  Whether it's a floral and fruity scent like Blush Peony Grapefruit, or an earthy citrus scent like Patchouli Orange, our quality oils are chosen
for their purity.

Custom Body Care

We carry quality, unscented body care products so you can create your own unique scent.  Our custom body care line includes body lotions, massage & body oils, shower gels, bubble bath, body mist and more.  

You can choose your scent, either fragrance or essential oils, unscented product, a size and we'll mix it up
for you to enjoy.

Check out our selection of body care products available for
Custom Blending.

Bath Products

Our handmade/packaged bath
products are made to moisturize
and soothe your skin.  Drop
an Exotic Nature Fizzie Bath
Bomb into your tub for an
instant spa experience.  

Check out some of our favorite bath
products like our heart shaped Fizzie
Bath Melts made with rich cocoa
butter, or one of our moisturizing
Shea Butter Shower Gels.

Exotic Nature Bath Products

About Us

The brilliant and subtle beauty
of Nature: herbs, flowers, forest,
shoreline and ocean, all combine to
inspire the Exotic Nature philosophy
of natural living and classic style.


We've been bringing
you quality body care, tools for
relaxation, uplifting moments and
beautiful attire since 1996.


2535 Village Lane, Suite E
Cambria, CA 93428

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Fridays and Saturdays 10am-4pm
We are closed on Sundays.

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